Friday Men’s Group 6/24/22

Cross Section of a Lime

“Indeed the axe is already laid at the root of the trees;
so every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.”
(Luke 3:9)

Hi Men:

I pray your week was a joyous one and you had time to reflect on the Matchless Name of Jesus Christ.  There is power in His name as He resides “in” us, otherwise Ephesians 3:20 would not be true:  “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us.”

I hope you all had a great Father’s Day and for those that have followed in the Apostle Paul’s footsteps (no earthly children, but countless spiritual children), possibly it gave you some time to reflect on your own dad, whether alive or deceased.  Some of you have seen this old photo of my dad and mom during WWII on his Indian Motorcycle.

The good news is that God was merciful and my dad came to know Christ in a profound way, six weeks before he died.  My dad died on June 21, 1993…. 29 years ago when I was at a Bible Study in Boston.  While there, I met Walt Henrichsen for the very first time.  So my dad dies and God puts Walt in my life and Walt never let go of me until 2 months prior to his death in 2016…… what an amazing God we serve!

By the way, my son who lives in Tahoe, gave me a PWS (Personal Weather Station) for Father’s Day.  My other son Mark and I mounted it to the roof on Monday.  I noticed yesterday the PWS detected 48 lightning strikes and a bunch of other data.  When it comes to weather data, it doesn’t take to much to get me really excited.  Here is the link to my device if interested:  (you can also click in the little device icon in the upper right-hand corner for additional details).

As we pray for Christ’s return, you can’t help but think about these “mortal” bodies we live in, created with about 60% water (oxygen & hydrogen) and the rest carbon, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, etc.  James 4 says we don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow – our life is like the morning fog, here for a while then poof!  (my translation 😊 ).  So why should we put so much emphasis on this life?  Answer:  Because what we do now will have an “apparent and appreciable” difference as to what our eternity will look like.  I know what you are saying, I’m on my broken record kick again.  Well, if we believe the Bible is True, then why are we reluctant to be “doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving yourself.”  With what’s going on in our own country and the world right now, it gives a great platform to speak to non-believers.  Why not ask your friends what they think James 4:13-15 means?………….or you can use scores of other verses.  It’s time to get serious about E2 (Evangelism and Edification).   Time is short and like the opening verse above (Luke 3:9), His perfect judgement is coming soon.

Slice of Lime

I ran across this photo of a lime slice and it really captivated me.  I love how God designs His fruit.  In the days ahead I will write on the miracle of fruit.  But for now, just enjoy God design on one of His creations.

Grateful slave to Christ, 



Read Eph 4:30-32 a few times.  Do any of those sins in verse 31 define you?  And… successful are you with verse 32?
“The degree to which you are aware of your propensity for evil will determine the degree to which you will be kind and forgiving toward others.” 

  A Key to Sanctification – Red Book Day 177
The purpose of these devotionals is to help you think Biblically

Solomon said, “As a man thinks, so is he


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 Zion Sunrise by Ted McAdam
Taken from the Hampton Inn – 2018



[Taken from Ron Dunn’s Message]
“Picture a lineup of 7 dominoes. From left to right there’s a word written on each domino: first sin, then guilt, shame, blame, pain, separation, death.” 

“When the sin domino falls, guilt and shame follow. Men get uncomfortable when they experience shame. This discomfort leads them to blame, which produces pain that leads to relational separation. Separation can bring relational death.”

Men:  This is a must read – A timeless message! Take your time over the weekend and like the guys below say, “Take Notes.”  (See Attached PDF – Blog 2022)
Here is a more info on Ron Dunn

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This month’s blog is by a long-time friend of the R12.2 Ministry, Ron Dunn.  Ron has a ministry called “One Thing for Men” that meets on Friday mornings in Alpharetta, Georgia.  He makes a real connection with the men.  If you are close by, it is worth your visit to one of his sessions. Ron is successful at being a good husband, businessmen, raising children, honoring his parents and being a friend.  He deals with men and marriage issues so it is only natural he would pick the subject of “blame”. Read it.   Take notes. Think on the personal application for you.  We’d love to hear your feedback. 

Have a great summer and we pray that God works in your life this summer.

In His name,
Gayle, Chris, Bob, Steve & Arthur


Men:  I asked Walt almost 7 years ago if he would write one page letter to the pastors and their wives we were involved with.  Take your time reading it…… it is packed with valuable Biblical truth.  The question to the India brothers and sisters (and us) …… “Are You Teachable?”

Why is There So Much Tribulation in a Believer’s Life?
By Walt Henrichsen
(Written to the India Pastors and wives on 8/27/15)

 Quote from his letter:  “Life is hard. God designed life to be hard. For some life is harder than for others. The quality of our eternity is directly proportional to how we respond to the tests of God. Jesus said in Luke 12:48 that those of us greatly endowed with temporal blessings merely accrue greater accountability in the Day of Judgment.”


God Does Not Owe Us a Happy Ending 
By Tim Challies

 …This world is so broken, so marked by sin, that many of our stories do not end with a kiss…


This blog from 2013 caught my attention since it came true for Tim Challies when he suddenly lost is son Nick on November 3, 2020 at the age of 20.

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts,
Nor are your ways My ways,” declares the Lord.
“For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
So are My ways higher than your ways
And My thoughts than your thoughts.”
  (Is 55:8-9)

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Note: Below are 3 excerpts from the Blue Book for this week. 

Tired of the Battle – June 22 Blue Book

You can easily tire of the battle and quit, refusing to
finish the race of life strong. This is one of the reasons
“the last shall be first and the first last.” Given
opportunity to labor long in His vineyard, you weary
and quit before finishing time. God calls some to run
the hundred-yard dash. If God has called you to run
a marathon, don’t quit before the finish line. Don’t
mentally disengage from the battle and leave the
problems to others.

Increased Responsibility – June 23 Blue Book

When God bestows His abundance upon you, He
expects you to be grateful, for you are blessed, but
never forget that that is only half the equation; the
more you have the more accountable you are.

The Desire to Retire – June 26 Blue Book

Those who say that they look forward to retirement
testify that they have lost their purpose for living here
on earth. God did not give you your life to spend as
you see fit. Paul teaches that it is unthinkable that
one for whom Christ died should live’ for himself.’
The desire to retire is an expression of despair. It
means that you have lost your rudder and do not know
why you are here or where you are going.