Friday Mens Group 3/15/19

"For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities-
-his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God." (Romans 1:20)

Hi Men:

 My son John took that photo of Lake Tahoe on Monday from his condo.  Please pray for his wedding on March 31st at Mammoth Ski Resort.  Then he and new bride, Paige Govey, will move to Philadelphia.

 When the final earthly curtain is drawn and Hebrews 9:28 becomes real: “And just as it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment” …….. those that say “I know Him” but did not do what He commanded (1 John 2:4) will have NO EXCUSE.  Men, pray that God would give you a spirit of boldness to share the Good News that Christ died to “SAVE” you. 

 Two Questions:  (1) If a stranger pulled you out of a burning building and saved your life, wouldn’t you tell everyone that would listen about the incredible man that “saved” your life?  (2) Why then is it so hard for you to tell people about the Person that “SAVED YOU” for all eternity?

See you at noon!
(Galatians 2:20)

A Few Prayer Requests

  • Ron Rodriguez:   Continue to pray for Ron and his brain tumor, for his wife Kristin, 2 daughters & parents, Chip and Jackie
  • Bill Waller:  God’s hand on him, the judge and jury as his trial has begun with the Federal Govt.  That Truth will prevail
  • Jon Holden:  Had his back surgery on Feb 26th … Jon has been in a lot of pain.
  • Trevor Brown:  God’s will in his life.
  • Lynda Jennings:  Praise Report – Two years of total sobriety.
  • Romans Study:  Friday, Mar 22nd @ 7:30am w/ Jonathan Koehler
  • Please pray for our wives and children!
  • Please pray for our brothers and sisters in India

Second Saturday – April 13th 

Lost Valley 2019

Scroll down and listen to Dan Fraiser.  His devotional is only 19 min.
Men:  It will take you to the carpet!

American Gospel

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One-On-One Discipleship

Please read the attached PDF that Trevor McDowell shared with India

Men:  Please don’t skim over these (2) devotionals.  Take some time to ponder, reflect and meditate on them.  Look up the Bible verses for yourself.  As we have said many times, the (2) biggest problems in the church today is:

  1. Christians have lost their “Fear of the Lord”
  2. Christians want to serve God on their terms and not His

We went through all 10 parts 5 years ago!  Can you believe that?  Read Part 8 again and ask yourself if anything has changed in your commitment to Christ since this study?  Are you and the men in your church willing to suffer and persevere for Jesus?  Does anyone hate you because of Jesus?

 Facts of the Matter


He is willing to suffer and persevere for Christ

The day you choose to become proactively engaged in winning the lost and discipling the saved, the war with the Enemy heats up. Go ahead, attend church, sing in the choir; attend religious programs. No problem, because you are of little if any threat to the Enemy. He’s more than happy to keep you busy with religious activities. As an evangelist and discipler, you are entering a spiritual battle with the arch enemy of your soul. So brace yourself for his vicious attacks.

In studying the life of Paul, as it relates to his efforts to win the lost and disciple the saved, two broad ideas emerge:

#1 Paul understood from experience that suffering was generic to being a laborer for Christ :

  • “…We were under great pressure, far beyond our ability to endure, so that we despaired even of life. Indeed, in our hearts we felt the sentence of death…” (2 Cor. 1:8b, 9a).
  • Are they servants of Christ? I am more. I have worked much harder, been in prison more frequently, been flogged more severely, and been exposed to death again and again ” (2 Cor. 11:23a, c.). (Jn. 15:18-20; Matt. 5:12, 13; See 2 Cor. 11:24-30; Phil. 1:28, 29; 2 Tim. 3:12)
  • Then some Jews came from Antioch and Iconium and won the crowd over. They stoned Paul and dragged him outside the city, thinking he was dead. But after the disciples had gathered around him, he got up and went back into the city…Then they returned to Lystra, Iconium and Antioch, strengthening the disciples and encouraging them to remain true to the faith. ‘We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God,’ they said” (Act. 14:19, 20a 21, 22).

#2 Paul persevered through his suffering in bearing fruit, and challenged others to do the same:

No doubt Paul understood Jesus’ teaching, “… The seed on good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop” (Lk. 8:15b). Clearly, Paul modeled and preached perseverance:  We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed. We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain” (II Cor. 4:8-10; I Cor. 15:58). (See 2 Cor. 6:3-10; 12:15; 2 Tim. 4:6-8; Jms. 1:3, 4).

The marketplace is hostile to the values of the Lord Jesus. Little wonder that Jesus reminded us that “you cannot serve both God and Money” (Matt. 6:24b). So, when you choose to identify yourself with the Lord Jesus in the Machiavellian world of commerce, and you seek to evoke change in the people in that environment, expect the fulfillment of Jesus’ statement, All men will hate you because of me…” (Matt. 10:22). (See 2 Tim. 3:12)

QUESTION : Are you up to the challenge?

This week, may you experience His grace, peace, and protection.

  ~ R. Dwight Hill ~


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