Friday Men’s Group Zion Registration Needed

"Take Five"

Saturday Afternoon at Zion Boot Camp 2017

Hi Men:

 May I ask you a favor?  If you haven’t registered, could you please try to do so this weekend?  David Shoaff has been in touch with the Hampton Inn @ Zion and they are asking for registration information.  To register:

  1. Please fill out the “Registration Form” and click on submit: 
  2. Determine “Registration Payment Options”

 Thanks guys!

 Sorry I didn’t get a Friday email out.  I was in Colorado with some of the brothers.  Arrived there on Tuesday and spend time with Ed Allen in Palmer Lake, CO.  What a prince of a man.  He had been discipling men consistently for many years………….humbling!

With Ed Allen at his ranch and where he rides —
behind his home is a National Park.

From there I got to be with the men at the CBMC Pikes Peak Luncheon in Colorado Springs.

That afternoon I met up with Tom Wanberg at his office in Denver, Colorado.  We drove to Aurora, CO and visited the Jubilee Roasting Co that his son, Peter, operates.  Here is the website:  (Facebook: ).  Tom was discipled by Walt and Winston.  He’s only missed one Lost Valley Men’s Retreat since 1995.  More on Tom and his family in the days ahead.
Peter and Tom Wanberg at Jubilee Roasting Co.
The story behind this coffee ministry is amazing!

Then I stayed overnight at Bob & Pam Plappert’s home in Longmont, CO.  Many of you know that Bob is a regular at Zion and will again be there this year.  We both attended a Bible Study early Thursday morning and had a great afternoon together with his wife Pam.  Then headed back to Vegas that evening…………….

Goofing off in Niwot Colorado with Bob and then following the sunset over the Colorado Rocky Mts.

So much more to share with you men in the days forward………….


Have a great weekend!


(Gal 2:20)

Things to Ponder!  Actually way more than ponder.  I recommend you get these two devotionals very clear in your mind.  Remember what we said were the (2) biggest problems in the church today: 

  1. Christians have lost their ‘Fear of the Lord’
  2. Christians want to serve God on their terms and not His 

The two points above go hand-in-hand with the devotionals below.  Read these two devotionals from the Red Book very carefully (click here).  If you have questions, open your Bible!



And as most of you know, there are more verses about God’s wrath than God’s love……………….
If so, why do we avoid discussing His Wrath?



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