Friday Men’s Group 11/2/18

Three Fingered Jack w/ Milky Way

Pacific Crest Trail in Oregon

Hi Men:

I love these photos where you can capture a great shot but also have our own Milky Way Galaxy in the background. Of course I didn’t take this photo, but it is on the Pacific Crest Trail that extends from border to border (Mexico to Canada – 2600+ miles).  Many of you know that the John Muir Trail, near Yosemite, is part of the PCT, but for only 200+ miles.  A few of the boys in our scout troop hiked parts of that trail years ago.  So why am I telling you this?  I guess I’m back to reflecting not only on the wonders in our own backyard, but peering into our universe.  I have previously shared that our Milky Way Galaxy is believed to have up to 250 Billion stars and our nearest neighbor, the Andromeda Galaxy is estimated to have about 1 Trillion (  NASA states that there are now about 400 Billion galaxies.  Some astrophysicists say 1 Trillion.  You can not get your mind around this stuff………… whoa!

 So that brings me to my favorite star, Betelgeuse.  You can now see it in the eastern horizon – Orion Constellation.  Orion is mentioned several places in the Bible, but I love this verse:

 “He who made the Pleiades and Orion And changes deep darkness into morning, Who also darkens day into night, Who calls for the waters of the sea And pours them out on the surface of the earth, The LORD is His name.” (Amos 5:8)

 Betelgeuse is 640 light years (that’s 640 X 6 Trillion miles away) and we can see it with our naked eye…… how so?  Because it is so large.  If plopped in the center of our own solar system, it would go past Mercury, Mars, Venus, Earth and 100 Million miles past Jupiter!  So here is the question I ask guys all the time:  “If you could tie a string to your chair and stretch it to Betelgeuse and pull one hair out of your head and lay it perpendicular on the string.  The width of the hair is you life on this earth, the string is eternity………….. so guys, how much time are you spending on the hair vs. the string?”  We have said many times that what we do now (for Christ) will make an appreciable and apparent difference as to what our eternity will look like.  Breaking News Men:  HEAVEN WON’T BE THE SAME FOR EVERYONE!

 See you at noon!

Gal 2:20

A Few Prayer Requests:

  • Ron Rodriguez:   Continue to pray for Ron and his brain tumor.  He has recently had more several seizures.  Please continue to pray for his wife Kristin, 2 daughters & parents, Chip and Jackie
  • The Guys’ Thing:  Please pray for the men and teachers now heading for Tamales Bay
  • Zion Boot Camp:  Pray for the men and teachers  
  • Alejandro Corral:  Please continue to pray for Alejandro Jr. and the Corral Family.  Thank you brothers.
  • Jim Blasco:  My High School buddy.  His cancer continues.  Please pray
  • Mike Presley:  Has throat cancer and receiving radiation treatment.  Mike is also another High School friend.
  • Nathan:   Praise report, after his surgery he is continuing to do so much better
  • Janagam’s in the Philippines:  Daniel and Hephzi Janagam are currently in the Philippines.  Typhoon Yutu passed overhead while there, but all are fine.  The photos below are a first.  Hephzi has been teaching all the working women out of the book “Why Go To Work”  Many of these woman are now seeing for the first time there is way more than just attending church on Sunday.  They now go to work with a purpose: To represent Jesus and share this Good News!  “E2”  Please pray for all these women.  Daniel is conducting OT Seminars.  Pray also for safe travels.

If you haven’t registered: 

Second Saturdays
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Penn Jillette
Update: Ray Comfort of Living Waters found out who gave Penn Jillette the Bible…
This short 3 minute video is worth watching:
If you haven’t heard what Penn Jillette said after receiving the Bible, it worth watching!


These statistics are mind-boggling: 

Reviewing the Obvious – Red Book Day 307

In Lyle Brennan’s daily email, he inserted this quote by Walt Henrichsen:

“Don’t focus on power, fame, or the accumulation of the world.  You are a pilgrim and our Lord expects you to act like one.  To the degree that you do, those who know you will “ask a reason of the hope that is in you.”

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This quote by C.S. Lewis is PROFOUND!


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