Friday Men’s Group – 8/24/18

Zion Boot Camp …  Nov 30 – Dec 2  *Registration Coming Soon* (The Zion guys from 2017)

Hi Men:

If you haven’t already, please calendar the dates above for our 10th Annual Zion conference.  We have a great line-up of speakers coming in from Texas, Louisiana, Tucson and Florida.  As always, the fellowship is priceless and the scenery is breathtaking.  Please be praying for a man to invite.  If someone asks you, “What the heck is Zion Boot Camp?”  …….. just remember what Solomon said, “As a man thinks so is he.”  Whether the retreat be at Tomales Bay, Lost Valley, Bison Ranch, Beulah Beach or Callaway Gardens (all part of MIM – Ministry in the Marketplace) the main purpose is to help men think Biblically.  Why?  Because all permanent change takes place by altering how a person perceives reality and we desire to see things as God sees them…… as they truly are!  How do we accomplish this task?  The only way is through the Scriptures.

One of the brothers in India sent me this quote:

After reading that quote, Day 239 in the Blue Book came to mind:  “A Life of Vanity”

This is what the LORD says: “Let not the wise man boast in his wisdom, nor the strong man in his strength, nor the wealthy man in his riches. But let him who boasts boast in this, that he understands and knows Me, that I am the LORD, who exercises loving devotion, justice and righteousness on the earth; for I delight in these things,” declares the LORD.  (Jeremiah 9:23-24)

 Ok, you guys get the picture…………. I pray the Lord is delighting in what you are doing today!

 See you at noon.


(Galatians 2:20)

 Don’t forget Second Saturday on September 8th from 7pm – 9pm.  David Shoaff will be coming down from Idaho to share his story   Please RSVP to:

Men:  I encourage you to read this short MIM Article:
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Also, “Life As A Vapour” By Paul Washer.  This was after he had his heart attack in 2017.

 Facts of the Matter

 Jesus Christ bids us, “ABIDE IN MY LOVE”

A lot easier said than done!

Remember the story about the guy who falls over the cliff, grabs a branch and cries out, ‘HELP, IS THERE ANYONE UP THERE?’  God calls down, ‘IT’S ME, GOD.  WHAT DO YOU WANT?’ To which the man replies, ‘HELP ME OUT OF HERE!’  God:  ‘LET GO…TRUST ME.’  And the man responds, ‘IS THERE ANYONE ELSE UP THERE?’”

Obedience, the prerequisite to ABIDING IN HIS LOVE, is simply “letting go” of our choices and adhering to His, just as Jesus obeyed the Father and thereby ABODE IN HIS LOVE:

“If you keep My commandments, you will ABIDE IN MY LOVEJUST AS I have kept My Father’s commandments, and ABIDE IN HIS LOVE.”  (Jn. 15:10)

The more insidious sins that we resist “letting go” of are usually the ones that reside in that private domain of our lives slightly beneath the surface; subtle sins which still allow us the luxury of maintaining the facade of Christian respectability:

  • A smug sense of superiority amidst ourworldly success.
  • Mentally writing  people off who no longer matter in furthering ourcareer or status.
  • Greedy control over our
  • Satisfaction over beating out the other guy in a competitive bid.
  • Secretly harboring sins that pander to our

Christ’s example of obedience toward His Father was immediate, unequivocal and enduring, and cut to the very core of the Lordship issue. It is this standard to which He is calling us:

“…My Father, if it is possible, let this cup (the cross) pass from Me; yet not as I will, but as Thou wilt.”  (Matt. 26:39)   WITH THIS SURRENDER HE WENT TO THE CROSS.

Obedience, the “letting go” of our will, means giving God TOTAL ACCESS to that private domain of our lives where those secret sins reside.

To continue pandering covert sins while maintaining a facade of Christian respectability is a high price to pay for missing HIS ABIDING LOVE.

My prayer is that you are having a great week!

Dwight Hill

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