Friday Men’s Group 6/16/23

🏒 Vegas Wins the Stanley Cup 🏒

“He who loves his life loses it, and he who hates his life in this world will keep it to life eternal.” – Jesus

Hi Men:

I pray you had a great week.  I have been reflecting on the verse from Colossians 3:3, “For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.”  That verse blows me away.   We have died to our old life and now experience the spiritual transformation that has taken place as we are hidden with Christ and secure in God.  And we are talking about the God that spoke the Universe into existence

Stanley Cup Champions

What is the world is going on in Vegas?  Las Vegas was once a railroad stop on the edge of the Mojave Desert is now the home to the Vegas Golden Knights (VGK), winner of the Stanley Cup.  Vegas is literally going crazy.   After the historic win, the Vegas Golden Knights are popping up everywhere; hotel pool parties, strip clubs and this Saturday they will have a huge parade down the Las Vegas Strip.   Hopefully there won’t be a cloud on the event like what happened after the Denver Nuggets NBA championship win.  So, as Christians what should be our response to all this?  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with sports as long as they don’t become an idol (looking to them to meet your needs rather than God).  Some of you may remember the movie, Chariots of Fire (see May 26th Friday Letter: E² Eric Liddell made the statement:  I believe that God made me for a purpose. But He also made me fast, and when I run, I feel His pleasure.  Eric had the right Biblical attitude.

Christians can use sports as a segway to do E2 (Evangelism & Edification/Discipleship).  Our brother Andy Fetsis in Tucson is a great example.  As a football coach for many years, he has not only poured into the lives of the boys, but also the dads.  Now that he is with FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) he is taking it to a whole new level.  In speaking with Andy, currently he is helping them see their God-given purpose and walking through verses like Romans 12:1-2, Eph 4:11-12, Eph 5:15-16 and even having them ponder on difficult verses such at Matt 7:21-23.  Here is more on Andy. 

One More – This is so encouraging!

Oklahoma Sooners NCAA Woman’s Softball National Champions

You won’t hear any of the Vegas Golden Knights making this statement:  “Our Life is In Christ!”  But that is exactly what the OU Softball Team said after winning the 3rd World Series with a record 53-Game Winning Streak.

Team captain Grace Lyons was asked by an ESPN reporter how she and her teammates handle the pressure of their competition and maintain their joy. The reporter might not have expected her answer: “The only way that you can have a joy that doesn’t fade away is from the Lord. Any other type of joy is actually happiness that comes from circumstances and outcomes.”

Please see her remarkable video: 
“Dear Softball” (YouTube 2:47 Mins)           


Lately there’s never been a dull moment.  Our A/C Unit has been struggling for some time now.  It can’t hold a freon charge and a leak was discovered in the coil so rather than the costly repair, Maytag said they would give us a new unit for a very nominal charge, applying what was left of our warranty to the new unit.  All that info is neither here nor there.  The good part were the workers that came on Wednesday to remove the old unit and install the new one.  There were (4) men from the air conditioning company and (1) guy that arrived with the crane.

I had a great conversation with the crane operator.  He was from Hawaii and attended a Christian church here in town.  I got to speak with (3) of the A/C guys and shared the Gospel with them through my testimony.  I gave them each a Steps To Peace with God and “Are You A Good Person?” in Spanish [¿Eres una buena persona?].   While they were waiting for the crane, I even played some of the Jesus Film in Spanish (from the Jesus Film App on my phone).  That blew them away.  I asked them if they wanted to have the link to show their family and they all did.  One of the men said he would create a group text and send it to all of them, which he did.  I gave them each $50 bucks for working so hard and doing a great job.  By the way, Victor (in the big blue hat) said he would give the 4th man the Gospel material and the money.
These opportunities are such a HUGE blessing! 

Joyful in the Lord,
(Gal 2:20) 

PS:  The grandkids are still here.  More on that later!

Men:  How many guys do you know that are willing to Biblically rebuke a man?  Maybe the bigger question:  How many Christian men are willing to accept a rebuke?
“He who rebukes a man will afterward find more favor than he who flatters with the tongue.”  (Proverbs 28:23)

Rebellion – Part One & Two – Day 167 & 168 
The purpose of these devotionals is to help you think Biblically

Solomon said, “As a man thinks, so is he”

¹ Romans 2:16 

Audio of the Week:   Labor & Leisure – 1988 

Men:  This is an excellent teaching by Walt Henrichsen when he was peeling open the Biblical truths of “Why Go To Work
His first principle:  “We don’t work to earn a living”  will give most men heartburn.

As you listen to Walt, ask the Lord to give you a man or two to send it to.

Living Waters:  Another “Are You A Good Person” video.

Men, this is such a great video.  This man, Sebastian, is so honest with what he doesn’t know. 
This video is “spot on” to what the Catholics that I know believe.

At the end of the video Sebastian repents and then looks at the camera and tells the viewers to “Turn to God.” 

You will like this video…….  (YouTube: 10 Minutes)


You’ve got to hand it to the Southern Baptist Convention regarding women pastors.  They held fast to Biblical truth.

If interested, here is the latest from 

Here is another write up on:  What does the Bible say about women pastors? 

Placing Hope in People – Ugh
by Paul Tripp