Friday Men’s Group 3/10/23

Panther Chameleon of Madagascar

“Who among all these does not know that the hand of the Lord has done this, In whose hand is the life of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind?”
(Job 12:9-10)

 Hi Men:

I pray you have had time this week to think about where you are going to live forever.  This life is just a morning mist…….appearing for a little while, then vanishes.  It is only who we are “in” Christ that will ultimately matter.  Read what J.I. Packer said about knowing God:

What were we made for?
To Know God

What aim should we have in life?
To Know God

What is the eternal life that Jesus gives?
To Know God

What is the best thing in life?
To Know God

What in humans gives God most pleasure?
Knowledge of God Himself 

Chameleon’s Tongue

I guess I could write about the amazing ability of the Chameleon to change colors……. Which is stunning (Their skin contains guanine crystals and by changing the space between them, it changes the wavelength of light reflected by the crystals).  But I wanted to give you a short glimpse of the Chameleon’s tongue.

Check out this video (YouTube 40 seconds)

After watching that, did you know:

  • The chameleon’s tongue can go from zero to 60 mph in 1/100th of a second.  That’s faster than the Tesla Model S Plaid (0-60 in 2 seconds)
  • Its tongue stretches more than twice it body length – the longest of any animal
  • Chameleons can capture prey even when their body temperatures are low
  • Its tongue would be useless without it eyes that can pivot and focus independently – 360° so it can remain completely still
  • The chameleon’s eyes have independent depth perception and can tract fast moving flying insects
  • Their tongues are coated with a special adhesive to capture small and large insects (400x the viscosity of humans)
  • The chameleon has no peers.  No animal comes close to matching all its exquisite design features.
  • Evolutionists have no clue as to the origin of the tongue and it challenges their paradigm 

I have been a slacker in sharing with you the recent opportunities I have had.  Here are (2) that happened in the last 6 days:


All of us have had plumbing problems.  When our sink completely stopped up, we called our favorite plumbing company and they sent Mike.  Mike was awesome!  After he took care of the issue (which was a bit complex) we had a great conversation.  It was late Friday afternoon and he was headed directly home from my place and not in a big rush.  We walked out back and I gave him “Steps to Peace with God” and the Million Dollar Book of John.  I shared my testimony of what God did under that tree when I was 40 years old.  He shared a number of personal things, was quite emotional and we both were committed to grab coffee in the next couple of weeks.  You might not be able to see it, but he is holding both tracts as he is ready to head home.


I had the fence company out again on Tuesday to make a few minor adjustments.  Low and behold, one of the guys (Joe) was the same one that did the original work (See Friday Letter E² He instantly said, “You are the guy that gave me my million dollar bill.”  He still had it in his truck!

I had another great conversation and gave them both what I gave Mike above.  With all the guys, I give them a decent tip.  Joe has two young daughters, so I hope to have him and his girls out to play in our backyard very soon.

I also mentioned to Joe I have a children’s story Bible for his daughters.  He will be back soon to pick it up.

Make sure you listen to Rabbi Schneider’s message on “Ashamed of the Gospel” (see below) and you will see clearly why we need to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with everyone we meet.  These encounters are so exciting! 

I’m actually looking forward to the next thing that needs repaired at my house  😊

Amazing Grace!
(Galatians 2:20)  



Tough messages that have eternal implications!

“You cannot have a biblical purpose for living without believing in eternal accountability for temporal behavior.  If you do not believe there is eternal accountability for temporal behavior, you will have no compelling reason to fear God.  If you do not fear God you will have no compelling reason to submit to him when you disagree.”

FEAR:  Since it won’t be in next week’s email, make sure you read the (2) devotions on FEAR (See Attached PDF).  Question:  Have you ever heard this from the pulpit?   Pray about passing those (2) “Fear” devotionals to your brothers in Christ……..

Why Obey? – Red Book Day 69 
The purpose of these devotionals is to help you think Biblically

Solomon said, “As a man thinks, so is he”



I ran across this list from some time back.  These are definitely worth reflecting on and meditating on each verse.
I had a note with these saying they were “DANGEROUS!”  I agree!  Possibly Matthew 7:21-23 comes into play…… whoa!!

Ten “Tells” related to being a Christian

  1. Experience nourishment from Word I Pet 2:2

Scripture comes alive after one is saved
You develop a hunger for the Word b/c it is helpful

  1. Regular prayer life – 1 Thes 5:17

Prayer is difficult and it takes discipline, God helps
You don’t do it unless it works

  1. Spiritual gifts – I Cor 12:7 

A strong sign if genuine
These gifts should be edifying to the Body of Christ

  1. Heart for the lost – I Pet 3:15

Non-believers do not have a heart for non-believers
This is God given

  1. Love for other Christians – I John 4:7-8

Natural familial function for Body of Christ 
Mutually edifying experience commanded

  1. Keep the commandments Jn 14:15

Non-Christians do not have the level of motivation
It is sourced in obedience not agreement

  1. Hatred, disgust for your sin – Rom 7:15-20

Energized by Law of the Harvest
Energized by Love for the Father

  1. Fruit of the Spirit – Gal 5:22-23

Fruit energized by the Holy Spirit
Uncommon, supernatural qualities

  1. Humility – Phil 2:3

Energized by I Cor 4:7
Rooted in our identity as slaves

  1. Gratitude & Generosity Eph 5:20, I Tim 6:18

Two signs of spiritual health
Primary Christian character traits

For the above verses NASB: Click Here



Ashamed of the Gospel?
Romans 1:16


I put a short message from this Messianic brother in the Friday email about four weeks back and I just had to include one more he did that was so good.  Rabbi Schneider peels open the familiar verse: 

“I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes,
to the Jew first and also to the Greek.”  (Romans 1:16)



Here are a couple points from the message to reflect on:

*  Do not be ashamed of the testimony of our Lord  (2 timothy 1:8)
*   …..and you shall be My witnesses… (Acts 1:8)
*   Are we bold witnesses for the Gospel?
*  Unless we understand the seriousness of sin and its consequences,
we will never truly have apprehended why Jesus came

Set aside 19 minutes and listen to this great message: (YouTube)  




Most of you have heard of the movie that recently came out, Jesus RevolutionThis was the movement in the 70’s about Pastor Chuck Smith that drew Greg Laurie to Christ.  You might like this short video from Greg Laurie on his journey of forgiveness.

How I Put My Past Behind Me (YouTube 4:45 min)

One of my classmates at Bishop Gorman High School made this comment after he watched the Jesus Revolution movie:  “I cried most of the way through it because my salvation rolled out of that movement and it’s very precious to me. I highly recommend it.”



Social Media

Men:  No explanation needed here!
Check out this article written last November…….


Dog-Fights and Discernment
By Johanna Duguid

 “At the end of 2021, I deleted all of my social media. Not just deactivated but full on nuked it as I described to a friend.”

“Does the content you take in from social media sow righteousness?”

Read the article: