Friday Mens Group 11/16/18

"But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit."
(2 Corinthians 3:18)

Hi Men:

My dear friend and brother, Michael Belsky, sent me this photo from his front porch Thursday morning after an over-night snowfall.  He lives in Manheim, PA.  Those heading to Zion in a couple weeks will get to meet Michael.

Jon Holden, our brother in Bloomington, Indiana sent me this image by the English painter Sigismund Goetze (1866-1939).  As you look at the photo titled “Despised and Rejected of Men” (Isaiah 53:3), you will notice that Jesus is tied to a pillar, while English society goes about their daily activities.  A few observations from the painting would be:

In the left-hand corner there is the lady of fashion flirting shamelessly with her escort. Behind them is the scientist, so infatuated with his bubbling test-tube that he is blind to Christ. Above him is the sports-enthusiast, lost in the horse-racing pages. At the base of the altar huddles a poor mother with a sickly child. Turned in on herself by misery, she also has her back to Christ. To the right, a ragamuffin newsboy hawks the latest tabloid scandal sheet. A pompous cleric walks along, eyes straight ahead. Behind the cleric is a scheming businessman whose god is money. Next to him a corrupt judge is pouring over his lawbooks. In the far background a demagogic politician is haranguing the crowd. Only the nurse looks upon Christ, and reacts with sorrow and compassion.

We have talked a lot about the “lukewarm” church from Revelation 3:16.  These are church people that are basically going about their daily duties and popping into church on Sunday.  The rest of the week, most people would never know they profess Christ as their Savior, let alone obedience to the Great Commission.  These are the people Jesus says:  “So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth.”  This is a terrifying statement!  So what is Jesus saying?

 Like our brother Andy Fetsis said as he shared his testimony at Lyle Brennan’s home during Second Saturday last month, “it would be better if you left now and hit the strip clubs, started boozing it up, taking drugs and whoring around so you could come to the end of yourself and cry out to God in absolute desperation in need of a Savior.”

 After last week’s Friday letter, I received (2) emails back to back asking to be removed from the email list.  This happens from time to time, but two in a row was a first.  The reason is the same, these guys don’t want to be Bereans (Acts 17:11) and “examine the Scriptures to see whether those things were so.”  The good news was right after those (2) emails, I received another one from a pastor in Las Vegas asking if there was still time to register for Zion.  We leave things to the Lord and just trust and obey……..

Like the missionary C.T. Studd stated so well: 

“Only one life, ‘twill soon be past, Only what’s done for Christ will last.”


  • “NO FRIDAY MEN’S GROUP” …  We have our Romans Bible Study beginning at 7:30am.  No meetings on Nov 23rd or 30th.  We will resume on December 2nd
  • “NO SECOND SATURDAY”  …  Will resume in February

Gal 2:20

A Few Prayer Requests:

  • Ron Rodriguez:   Continue to pray for Ron and his brain tumor, for his wife Kristin, 2 daughters & parents, Chip and Jackie
  • David Shoaff:  He will be speaking Friday (16th) at “Poker Night” in Phoenix
  • National Discipleship Seminar:  Nov 21-22 in Hyderabad India. Bringing in pastors from 19 states that have been taught on how to make disciples (E2/OT)
  • Zion Boot Camp:  Pray for the men and teachers  
  • Alejandro Corral:  Please continue to pray for Alejandro Jr. and the Corral Family.  Thank you brothers.
  • Jim Blasco:  My High School buddy.  His cancer continues.
  • Mike Presley:  Has throat cancer and receiving radiation treatment.  Mike is also another High School buddy.
  • Dave Frear:  His father-in-law, Juan Abreo, has end stage liver disease.
  • Dan Jensen:  This Monday, Dan would like prayers for he and his children.


Please pray for all the brothers and their families this Thanksgiving!!

What is our response to Thanksgiving?
Please read Leette Henrichsen’s letter………….

Please READ GAYLE’S LETTER“Being Motivated to be God’s Person”
and visit for more of Gayle’s insight.

To Ponder from the Red Book:

“How does a Christian react when a child dies, your spouse perishes in an accident, or God takes your parents in the prime of their lives? Or maybe you are suffering from an incurable illness and in pain ponder never seeing your children marry and have families.”

Please meditate on this quote by Ken Boa.
How many Christians do you know that “use” people instead of serving them?

Photo taken by John Russell from South Lake Tahoe.

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